• Seir •

The gifted young necromage

Basic Info

Full Name

Seir Vorgen Stöfler

Nicknames / Aliases

Seir Stenwolf, Devon Blackbird,
Ernest Bloodstill

Gender / Sexuality

Male • Asexual

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Species Class

Mammal - Carnivora


Canine [mix sightie/wolf]

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17 September 1996


Isvans, Svarten


Redsky, Vell

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Necromagic lab assistant at Redsky Necro


Redsky College of Necromagic

Character Overview

Serious, proud, clever, reserved, cold.

Seir prefers to be alone, left to work on necromagic experiments on his own. He tends to consider himself somewhat superior to others due to his impressive magic skill and fast learning, which makes him mostly unlikable. He's usually secretive about his projects and goals, as most of the times they include illegal crafts and materials. He's generally not very approachable, and has very little tolerance for ignorance, which makes pretty much all students hate it when he's the one assisting their teachers' classes.


• Dead things
• Doing necromagic
• Learning new things
• Crafting illegal overpowered spells
• Forest strolls
• Gryphons
• Pixel art
• Synthwave and chiptune music
• Cyberpunk things


• Most people
• Showing weaknesses
• Making mistakes
• Being interrupted
• Schedules
• Losing arguments

Personality Traits

Reclusive □□■□□□□□□ Outgoing_

_Quiet □□□■□□□□□ Chatty

Serious □■□□□□□□□ Playful

__Gloomy □□■□□□□□□ Cheerful

____Mean □□■□□□□□□ Friendly

Indifferent ■□□□□□□□□ Empathetic_

Detached □■□□□□□□□ Clingy__

_Prudish ■□□□□□□□□ Romantic

____Harsh □■□□□□□□□ Easygoing

_Proud ■□□□□□□□□ Humble

____Wary □□■□□□□□□ Trusting

Deceitful □□■□□□□□□ Genuine__

_Rational □□■□□□□□□ Emotional

_____Calm □□■□□□□□□ Energetic

__Lazy □□□□■□□□□ Active

_Insecure □□□□□□□■□ Confident

_Serene □□□□□■□□□ Worried

__Pacifist □□□□□□■□□ Aggressive

____Composed □□□□□■□□□ Hot-Tempered

__Safe □□□□□■□□□ Daring

___Stubborn □■□□□□□□□ Cooperative

Responsible □□□■□□□□□ Impulsive__

Practical □□□□□□□□■ Ambitious

Distracted □□□□□□□■□ Focused___

Physical Traits


Short □□□□■□□□□ Tall_


Skinny □□□■□□□□□ Fat___


___Flat □□■□□□□□□ Defined


__Weak □□■□□□□□□ Strong


_Stiff □■□□□□□□□ Nimble

Magic Info
Magic Aptitude

[i]Potential of magic power determined by genetics and early exposure to magic

_Low □□□□□□■□□ High


Developed Skill

[i]Actual magic skill aquired through practice and learning

Unskilled □□□□□□■□□ Master___


Level / Class

[i]Type of magic practicioner and learning level

Adept Mage

Magis Color

[i]Color of magic effects visible when casting certain spells, usually same as eye color but not always



[i]Magic related conditions such as curses, magi-diseases and perma-buffs



[i]Ability to control an element naturally out of one's own magis rather than through a spell


Preferred Field

Necromagic, Execromagic


General research and experimenting, especially leaning towards high-power crafts

Random Facts

Music Style

[Playlist being reworked]

Favorite Activities

Practicing necromagic, flying on his gryphon

Favorite Colors

Black and deep red

Favorite Foods

Roasted meats, especially hare with potatoes like his mom used to cook when he was a child

Favorite Drinks

Strawberry juice with milk, also like how his mom used to make

Dressing Style

Dark clothing with long sleeves and long pants, usually jackets and hoodies. Also wears mage clothes on a regular basis.


He low-key collects gryphon themed things


Right handed

Internet Usernames

Bloodfang (old one)


• His alias "Ernest Bloodstill" is based on stories his mom used to read to him as a child (which she had written herself)


She's his best friend, but also greatest rival. They met when Seir was taken as an apprentice by her father, and they both started to study together. She hated him because he was very quick to learn but very stuck-up about it, which led to many fights between them. But they've learned to tolerate each other, to the point where they often collaborate on magic crafts. They turned out to be excellent lab partners.


Maya thinks of Seir as a little brother, as she was the one who took care of him when he arrived at Redsky Necro while the teachers figured out what they could do for him, even letting him sleep at her small apartment before he got his own room in the College. But now a few years later, Seir feels he's more than fine by himself now and is somewhat bothered by her still trying to look after him all the time.


When Seir first arrived at Redsky Necro, Tallon was the teacher who watched him on his admission tests. But when doing the tests it was clear that his intent was of the dark kind, and he was talented, so Tallon took him as an apprentice to privately teach him what they couldn't officially teach at the college. He also introduced Seir to the local black market community. He sees Seir as one of the most ambitious mages he's ever met, but thinks he sometimes is TOO ambitious, which can be dangerous.




At first, Eldri hated having a child, but as Seir grew up a bit and started showing interest in potions and dead animals, her opinion changed. When Seir was 10 years old, though, his mom had to flee the house because her illegal necromagic business had been uncovered. She left him all her materials and secret lab, which started his journey into learning necromagic.


He was always very against magic in general, and only barely tolerated his wife's phytomagic concoctions, so when Seir started learning things with his mom, they kept it a secret from dad. After Eldri left, the relationship between him and Seir became more tense, as he wanted Seir to become part of the guard just like himself but Seir wanted nothing with that. But despite their differences, he felt very sad when Seir one night simply left home as well, just like his mother.




Jørn was a child of Seir's mom's gryphon, Jonna. He was born when Seir was around 6 years old and they've been good companions ever since. He is pretty much Seir's best friend, to whom he tells everything, even though he knows the gryphon can't understand most of it. Jørn would give his life to protect Seir, and the same otherwise.




He's one of Seir's most trusted contacts in the Ravennet community of darkmages. He was recommended to Seir by his teacher, Tallon.



Main Stories:

Side Stories and Snippets:

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Background Story:


Important Items
To take everywhere

A custom-built staff with a pair of curved blades at its crown.



To keep safe

The key to open his mother's secret necromagic lab, which she gave him right before fleeing the house. It was the last time he saw her.


Character originally created on 29 January 2012, with multiple minor redesigns. Latest revision from 13 December 2021.

Published: 12 March 2022
Last modified: 4 January 2023