• Vincent •

The Goth Raven

Basic Info

Full Name


Nicknames / Aliases


Gender / Sexuality

Male • Asexual

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Species Class

Avian - Corvoidea


Corvid [Raven mix - albicollis/corax]

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13 March 1996


Vesper, Quarantyne


Vesper, Quarantyne

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Works at Crane's Nook Library and Bookshop



Character Overview

Serious, reserved, melancholic, indifferent.

Vincent is a gloomy and lonesome person. He seems always bored with life but keeps on going because he's hopeful that he'll find something to live for someday. He smokes nyxcin and is addicted to it since he was 15, when he looked up to his older brother and wanted to be cool and his brother thought it would be funny to see him try it. He tried to quit but it's nearly impossible without intensive therapy and medicines he can't afford right now.

Vincent works at a neat little place called Crane's Nook Library and Bookshop, which specializes mostly in odd titles and rare finds, ancient and new. They also help out many independent writers by getting their work on their library.


• Books
• Reading
• Music
• Horror stories
• Dark aesthetics
• Black and white


• His nyxcin addiction
• His younger self
• His brothers
• Sunny days
• Crowds
• Noise
• Being judged
• Feeling too exposed
• Most social interaction
• Having a crush on someone

Personality Traits

Reclusive □■□□□□□□□ Outgoing_

_Quiet □■□□□□□□□ Chatty

Serious □■□□□□□□□ Playful

__Gloomy ■□□□□□□□□ Cheerful

____Mean □□□□□■□□□ Friendly

Indifferent □□□□■□□□□ Empathetic_

Detached □□□□□□■□□ Clingy__

_Prudish □□■□□□□□□ Romantic

____Harsh □□□■□□□□□ Easygoing

_Proud □□□□□□■□□ Humble

____Wary □□■□□□□□□ Trusting

Deceitful □□□□□■□□□ Genuine__

_Rational □□□□□□■□□ Emotional

_____Calm □■□□□□□□□ Energetic

__Lazy □□□■□□□□□ Active

_Insecure □□■□□□□□□ Confident

_Serene □□□□□□□■□ Worried

__Pacifist □□■□□□□□□ Aggressive

____Composed □□■□□□□□□ Hot-Tempered

__Safe □□■□□□□□□ Daring

___Stubborn □□□□□■□□□ Cooperative

Responsible □□■□□□□□□ Impulsive__

Practical ■□□□□□□□□ Ambitious

Distracted □□□□□■□□□ Focused___

Physical Traits


Short □□□□□□■□□ Tall_


Skinny □□■□□□□□□ Fat___


___Flat □□■□□□□□□ Defined


__Weak □□■□□□□□□ Strong


_Stiff □□■□□□□□□ Nimble

Magic Info
Magic Aptitude

[i]Potential of magic power determined by genetics and early exposure to magic

_Low □□□■□□□□□ High


Developed Skill

[i]Actual magic skill aquired through practice and learning

Unskilled ■□□□□□□□□ Master___


Level / Class

[i]Type of magic practicioner and learning level


Magis Color

[i]Color of magic effects visible when casting certain spells, usually same as eye color but not always



[i]Magic related afflictions such as curses and magi-diseases

His nyx addiction hinders his magic capabilities


[i]Ability to control an element naturally out of one's own magis rather than through a spell


Preferred Field




Random Facts

Music Style

[Playlist on Spotify]

Favorite Activities

Listening to music and reading books

Favorite Colors

Black and white

Favorite Foods

Figs, lychees, coffee flavored anything

Favorite Drinks

Coffee, mint tea

Dressing Style

Simple black and white clothing


Collecting books, CDs and vinyls


Left handed (has also some dexterity with left foot but doesn't use much)

Internet Usernames



• He writes lyrics but can't make music for them. Also writes some short horror stories but never shares them.


Zade and Vincent could hardly be more different. She's all about bright colors and having fun, while he's dull and gloomy. But they've bonded over their love for horror stories and spooky things.


Sam is Zade's best friend, so whenever Vincent visits her, he gets to hang out with him. They like each other as good friends and chat sometimes even when Vincent is not around in Vectress. The only thing that bothers him is that Zade always invites Sam and the other roommates to hang out when he's with her and they both always pick hangout places he doesn't like much, so he feels a bit left out. He thinks that since Zade lives with Sam and they can hang out any time they want, she could care more about her boyfriend who only gets a few days here and there to spend with her. But then, maybe he's just being too selfish, he wonders.


Vivienne is another of Zade's roommates. She's often in their hangouts, but she doesn't talk much. She does, however, appear to be just as left out on these hangouts as he is, while Zade and Sam have all the fun themselves. They sometimes do talk to each other, especially about acknowledging that fact.


Heck rarely goes to hangouts because he's too busy. Or so he says. It's hard to tell because he's also rarely out of his room so Vincent doesn't know much about him.


Tobias and Vincent are coworkers at Crane's Nook. He is basically Vincent's only friend in town, but he doesn't have much free time to hang out so they mostly just talk during smoke breaks at work.




When Vincent was a child, he looked up to Edmund as he thought he was cool. But as he grew up, this admiration was turned into a competition for who's coolest, in which Vincent could never win and Edmund would make fun of him. In his attempts to prove he was one of the cool kids, Vincent would hang out with Edmund and his trashy friends, which led to them messing with him and getting him addicted to nyx. Now, Vincent hates Edmund deeply, but Edmund still couldn't care less about his brother.


Despite being younger than Vincent, Santino appeared to be always more talented than him at everything. He'd do everything he was supposed to, as perfectly as anyone would expect, making his older brothers feel like losers. While Edmund could scare Santino out of being an arrogant little brat to him, Vincent easily fell for his taunts. To make matters worse, his parents would often compare him to his little brother, disappointed that he was not like him. For all those reasons, Vincent hates Santino as well. Santino, however, still thinks Vincent is just a dumb loser who will never be good at anything.








Vincent and Pryce were friends in high-school. When Vincent decided to leave his family's house and live on his own, Pryce offered a room of his place to him, but he wishes he had somewhere else to go. His old friend turned out to be an asshole and now they hate each other. The only good thing is that Pryce is rarely home, and when he is, the room is entirely separate anyway so they don't even need to see each other. Pryce doesn't kick him out because he depends on his rent money. His parents pay his bills but they don't know that he rents out a room and think he has a job to cover everything outside bills.



Main Stories:

  • None.

Side Stories and Snippets:

  • None.

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Background Story:


Important Items
To take everywhere

As much as he hates it, he always has a pack of nyx haunts and a lighter.



To keep safe



Character originally created on 16 February 2020

Published: 6 September 2022
Last modified: 6 September 2022