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What's this "Shenzaiverse" thing all about?

   It's just the terribly dumb name I've come up with for my "headworld" place thing. It's because I still haven't decided what's the name of the actual world/planet itself, so it was meant to be temporary, but might stick around? Because it might be a pain to rename it everywhere if I start using it a lot.

So "Shenzaiverse" is the collective of my characters, stories, settings, locations, lore and stuff like that. It's the universe I've been creating and expanding since I was a very tiny little pupper. My safe space and my comfy home.

The main point of this whole website is to finally organize things my way, in a place that allows me full customization so I can make everyone's eyes bleed with so many unecessary graphics and decorations so I can create pages which fully immerse the reader into the content.

Welcome to my little place! ^^

(I should probably actually talk about the universe here, explain the basics like: everyone's animals and there's magic and such. I'll write something nice later, I promise.)

Published: 10 March 2022
Last modified: 11 April 2022