Welcome to the World of Shenzai!

Hi! I'm Shenzai and this is my website, where you can find info about me, my art and my creations!
I have many stories, characters and little worldbuilding things to talk about, and I finally have the perfect home to post about all that ^^
(having my own website and being able to customize literally everything really hecking rules omg)

The place is still greatly under construction, as I intend to add still SO MANY THINGS to it. But most things are already mostly acceptable at least! Go ahead and explore the tabs in the header! ^^

This website is very image heavy, and it's better viewed on desktop (although it should be perfectly functional on mobile, just less cool u.u). Also, the website has content that some people may be sensitive about. More info inside the box at the bottom of the page (or click this link for a shortcut).

News and Recent Activity

2023-12-03 NEW OC STUFF!!

I have a whole new setting out! It's not yet fully inserted in the standard format pages (the setting page, character profiles, etc.) but it can be seen here: Story of Verloren. This is a really big OC thing and I'm so hyped about it for whatever reason hahah! I've been drawing soooo much stuff for it, you'll see!


2023-10-02 SPOOKY TIME >:3

It is October, time to get spoopy!!
I love Halloween, so I've dressed up the site header to celebrate! This is the month when I do the spooky commissions and I'm always excited about those! Plus, I'll be working on The-Secret-New-Thing™ that I've hinted about in some places and maybe I'll post it at the end of the month, or maybe the beginning of November, not sure, but I'm really hyped about it ^^



Happy Anniversary, World of Shenzai!
I should do something nicer to celebrate but I don't really know what. But anyway, I've changed some things in the header. Removed unnecessary garbage that I'll never use, renamed the socials page because "follow me" was weird to me now for some reason and added a new Resources page! This will be a place to put stuff like the texture packs I've been making so that anyone else can use them in their arts too! Right now there's like... nothing. But! I'll probably add something soon! I always mess with textures around this time of the year because... you know what's coming up next month, don't you? >:3


2023-08-22 Petz and things in the works!

I've been neglecting my website a bit which is really sad. But that is in part because in March I've discovered Petz (the old games by P.F.Magic) and I've been obsessed and I have made a separate part of my website dedicated to Petz content, so I've been making updates there instead lol. Other than that, I've been working on my endless queue of commissions and finally caught up! That means my work is no longer delayed! Yay! So I decided to take a little look at this place here and add a few things. There's a new "featured art" box here on the homepage and also a few thingies in the random content box. For now that's it... but there should be some new content here soon... sometime. I've been working on A TON of things that I haven't posted anywhere... hopefully I'll find time to put things up in here Soon™ :3c


2023-02-20 A couple days ago I made a new chat-story called Seir's Old Username! Also, I've done some edits to character profiles. Now most text is aligned to the left rather than center, making it nicer to read! Also, the "magic info" box has been updated to be more relevant! And also I've finished the profile for Heb Nexa. Bunch of updates!!


2023-01-29 Today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR since I published The Necromage! I wish I could be celebrating by having chapter two out too, but that wasn't possible. So instead, I was only able to do a little update on chapter one. I did some minor edits (mainly changed the way some places are described) and 2 new pics! Check it out now: [link]


2023-01-10 There's a new short story up called Little Potionmaker! It's about Seir when he was a child and his mom. I decided to finish this one since it was already pretty much all written and even had an unfinished sketch already started, plus it's kinda important. It's pretty much the start of everything for Seir. There are so many other little stories I need to write, and I love decorating the pages so much!


[ click to see older, now irrelevant updates ]

Little ad for my partner's music uwu:


✨ To-do ✨

• Finish all the character profiles (thinking of making a smaller, more simplified profile template to use on less-developed characters just to speed up things)
• Add all lore entries that are already linked anywhere
• Add more glossary words
• Draw images for items in characters' profiles
• Design side graphics for all character profiles that only have simple backgrounds
• Add more unnecessary gimmicks to my homepage

Cool Stuff!


^ free to use if you'd like to link to my stuff ^

🐾 PETZ 🐾
Do you know Petz? The old game series from the 90/00's? I'm super into it and I make a bunch of things for the game!

I have a whole separate website within this one specifically for Petz content. You can visit it here:

~ Shenzai in other places ~
My sona in Chicken Smoothie!

My Flight Rising dragon-sona!

Featured Char


Powerful mage of old times.

Last update: 2023-12-03

Featured Story

Story of Verloren

400 years ago, a powerful mage discovered soulmagic and became one of the most powerful creatures in the world.

Last update: 2023-12-03

Featured Art

Picture of Sellatrix.

Last update: 2023-12-22

This website has content that some people may be sensitive about. More info inside the box below:

General Content Warnings:

These are the general content warnings for the website as a whole. Specific stories may have different ratings, which will be specified on each story's intro page.

Blood / Gore / Death

My content often features themes of violence and death, of people and animals. Death, blood and magic using body parts are mentioned somewhat frequently throughout the website. Shouldn't be anything heavier than your average Warrior Cats animation MAP, however.

• Here's an example of blood that may be common: [click to see image]
• Here's an example of something more gory, which should appear only under specific contexts: (spoiler of The Necromage) [click to see image]

In general, gore should be mild, and only within stories (which have their content warnings anyway). Depictions of gore in anatomical context might occur in those conditions also.


• Sexual content: There should be no sexual content whatsoever anywhere in my website. Like 90% of my characters are asexual anyway.

• There might be some swearing, but it shouldn't be too frequent. Some characters in particular might swear a lot (but I'll put it in the warnings for whatever stories they show up, of course.)

• There may be mentions of alcohol and drugs. Shouldn't be too frequent, as only very few characters are into those things. Here's an example of likely the only character where this warning is relevant: [x]

• I really like bright colors and high contrast, as well as lots of graphics to decorate my pages. So, eyestrain warning I think.

Boopity boop :3

Published: 10 March 2022
Last modified: 22 December 2023