Hi there! Welcome to the Petz part of my website!
I'm ShenzaiBird and I'm pretty new to Petz in general, started playing not too long ago.

Here you can find some downloadable stuff I made, as well as LOTS of pics of my petz because I think they're so cute!!! Feel free to look around ^^

2024-03-27The My Petz page has been overhauled and A LOT of petz have been added! Almost every pet I got until mid-December is already up, and the ones that aren't might be added in the next few days. The rest of the December and forward petz will not be up until they're full grown (I only keep a few petz at a time so since I adopted far too much on advent, a lot of them are still not grown oops). Aside from that, I've added a toy and clothes from Easter last year which I forgot about hehe.
2024-01-27Happy New Year! It was about time for me to take down the Halloween hunt I guess hehe. I've added new clothes for download! I have toyz to add too, I'll do it later.
2023-10-23It's spooky time! >:3 I have a little find-it event with a bunch of goodies to get and some hexies to adopt! More info here: [HALLOWEEN TREAT HUNT]
2023-10-15I have added some Other downloads. Just a quick utility and a sound replacement heh
2023-07-22There's a new section on the site: Games! This is where I'll be putting silly little minigames with silly little prizes. For now, we have Sausage Maze and Which Toy? but there should be more available in the future!
2023-05-29New stuff released! This time it's a couple carrying cases for Petz 4! You can find them here: [link] I've also made templates so it'll be easier for anyone to make their own carrying case recolors: [link]
2023-05-08New clothing out, circuit shirts! Also, added other sites buttons on the homepage! And a few more pet gifz scattered on some pages just for decoration hehe
2023-05-04I've started showing my cat Thunder, and while setting up the show stats box on his page, I decided to make some show ribbons! They're free to use and you can find them here on THIS LINK for now because I don't have a proper place to put them on my site yet lol
2023-04-26New toy for download! A lizard head thingy :3
2023-04-22(I forgot I have a newsbox lol) About a week ago I've put up emo hair wigs to download! Also there's a few new pet pages but they're still not up in the 'my petz' page.
2023-04-07Updated the home page (in which I added this newsbox)! Also added new pics to all existing petz pages! They grow up so fast...


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