• Riddley •

The Obscured Heir of the Founder

Basic Info

Full Name

Riddley Abbot Sanger

Nicknames / Aliases

Ridd Sanger (though he avoids it nowadays)

Gender / Sexuality

Male • Straight

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Species Class

Mammal - Carnivora


Canine [Sighthound]

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15 June 1964


Redsky, Vell


Redsky, Vell

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Public Relations Manager at Redsky College of Necromagic


Redsky College of Necromagic

Character Overview

Serious, restrained, cautious, patient.

Riddley is the great-great-grandson of Reed Sanger, the founder of the Redsky College of Necromagic. When he was younger, he strived for being just as grand as his ancestor, but he was often just short of gaining the recognition he desired. He even insisted that people called him by his nickname "Ridd" to sound close to Reed, but he was always regarded as a second option because other people excelled at things way better than him. That made him an arrogant and bitter person in the past, but as time passed, he started to realize he was making a fool of himself for trying to be what he wasn't. Attempting to force people to show especial respect for him just because he was the heir of the founder was actually just pushing people away from him, and he started to notice. He then began to focus on things he naturally excelled at instead of trying to simply be better than everyone else.

Riddley learned that being a descendant of Reed Sanger didn't mean that he had to become just as great as he was by any means necessary. He realized that Reed himself was humble about his achievements, and would never brag about his skill no matter how impressive. As he reconsidered his attitude, he figured that using "Ridd Sanger" as his name was also part of that act he wanted to distance himself from, so he decided to use "Riddley Abbot" from then on, as a symbol that he no longer wanted to be someone he wasn't.


• His wife and daughters
• Fancy coffee
• Gryphons


• Necromagic haters
• The actions of his past self

Personality Traits

Reclusive □□□■□□□□□ Outgoing_

_Quiet □□■□□□□□□ Chatty

Serious □□■□□□□□□ Playful

__Gloomy □□■□□□□□□ Cheerful

____Mean □□□□□■□□□ Friendly

Indifferent □□□■□□□□□ Empathetic_

Detached □□■□□□□□□ Clingy__

_Prudish □□□□□■□□□ Romantic

____Harsh □□□■□□□□□ Easygoing

_Proud □□□■□□□□□ Humble

____Wary □□■□□□□□□ Trusting

Deceitful □□□□■□□□□ Genuine__

_Rational □□■□□□□□□ Emotional

_____Calm □□■□□□□□□ Energetic

__Lazy □□□□□□■□□ Active

_Insecure □□□□□□□■□ Confident

_Serene □□□□□■□□□ Worried

__Pacifist □□□□□■□□□ Aggressive

____Composed □□■□□□□□□ Hot-Tempered

__Safe □□□□□□■□□ Daring

___Stubborn □□□□□■□□□ Cooperative

Responsible □■□□□□□□□ Impulsive__

Practical □□□□□□■□□ Ambitious

Distracted □□□□□□□□■ Focused___

Physical Traits


Short □□□□□□■□□ Tall_


Skinny □□□■□□□□□ Fat___


___Flat □□□□■□□□□ Defined


__Weak □□□□■□□□□ Strong


_Stiff □□□□□■□□□ Nimble

Magic Info
Magic Aptitude

[i]Potential of magic power determined by genetics and early exposure to magic

_Low □□□□□□□□■ High


Developed Skill

[i]Actual magic skill aquired through practice and learning

Unskilled □□□□□□■□□ Master___


Level / Class

[i]Type of magic practicioner and learning level

Master Mage

Magis Color

[i]Color of magic effects visible when casting certain spells, usually same as eye color but not always

Dark Red


[i]Magic related afflictions such as curses and magi-diseases



[i]Ability to control an element naturally out of one's own magis rather than through a spell


Preferred Field



Organic magic related to magicreature breeding, injurious magic for fun

Random Facts

Music Style


Favorite Activities

Traveling with his wife and daughters

Favorite Colors

Dark red

Favorite Foods


Favorite Drinks

Coffee, Wine

Dressing Style

Rather fancy mage suits, but usually not too flashy or standing out.


Gryhpon racing, magicreature breeding, magic dueling



Internet Usernames



• Riddley breeds alphyns as a hobby. He has become quite popular in the alphyn enthusiasts community.
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As the Headmistress of Redsky Necro, Margaret is his boss now, but they used to be classmates. They also dated at some point, but Riddley was still in his arrogant, trying-to-be-Reed phase so she got fed up and broke up with him. That left Riddley feeling particularly resentful when he heard that she was taking on the leadership of the college rather than him. But they've come to terms and now have entirely forgiven their past, looking to move on and respect each other for the good of the college.




The founder of Redsky College of Necromagic. Riddley always tried to seem as important as him, but often failed. Eventually, he moved on, and in doing so he realized he was much closer to Reed's grandness by being humble than by trying to seem like he was better than everyone.




He has gryphons and quite a few alphyns but I haven't thought of them much yet.







Main Stories:

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Side Stories and Snippets:

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Background Story:


Important Items
To take everywhere




To keep safe



Character originally created on 19 June 2017

Published: 8 November 2022
Last modified: 8 November 2022